ADHD symptoms (checklist) in kids, adults and children.

When it comes to brain issue it is important that you note that this is one of the problem where you will find people struggling with. The brain being the main organ that coordinates functioning of other parts of the body, is a very sensitive organ. When something is wrong in this organ then the whole body will not function as required. However it is important to note that even if you have any issue on your brain you can get the necessary treatment that will cure or mange the condition you have. When your brain is not functional there are certain symptoms that you will see because it’s not easy to know when something is wrong inside your head.

However the symptoms that you will feel will tell you something in my brain is not working well. One of the condition that you can suffer that affect your brain include ADHD which mean attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a condition that can affect kids’ children as well as adults but is mostly this condition is more severe ion children than in adult. One fact about this problem is that when a kid is diagnosed with this problem then that kid will have to live with this condition. This doesn’t mean that they will have to put up with this problem but with proper treatment this condition can be dealt with and contained. When you find your child suffering from this problem you may start wondering what causes this problem.

Main causes of adhd that may make you use proven natural remedies

Below are some of the main causes of this problem that you should know. When you have this problem you can use any treatment available to contain it and among these treatment is use of proven natural remedies which include green tea. The cause of ADHD include:

  • Genetics factor- this is where the disorder is passed from the parents to the siblings through inheriting their genes. When parents have this condition then they are most likely going to pass these genes that can interfere with the brain function to cause this problem in children.
  • A kid who is born prematurely and the brain was not fully developed could have suffered from this problem. Adhd in children can be caused when a mother gives birth early and the baby brain fails to mature to its stages.
  • Women who are pregnant can also be the cause of adhd symptoms in kids. It is advisable that you should stay away from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol while you are pregnant otherwise the baby may be the one to suffer from this problem.
  • When a baby is in the womb and get a brain damage then this can cause this problem to occur and the baby born with this problem.
  • Adhd in adults can be caused when you are exposed in too much toxic environment such as contamination of herbicides or any other dangerous chemicals.
  • When a baby is underweight when being born this problem can occur at this point. This mean that the baby may not have fully developed organs.
  • There are studies which has shown that adhd can be caused by brain function and its structure. When the brain cannot be capable of communicating with other parts of and functions then there will be a message communication breakdown that can lead to this problem.

So what are the adhd symptoms that you should check?

When you want to know that you are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is through knowing symptoms that are associated with this problem. When it comes to symptoms of this problem there are two main types of symptoms that a person can suffer when hit by this problem? These two symptoms can be categorized in two form

  • Hyperactivity and impulsiveness symptoms
  • Inattentiveness symptoms.

When patients suffering from adhd want to know they have this issue they check these symptoms. However it is important to note that symptoms may range with the age of the patient and some symptoms are only seen in kids and as they grow up some of these symptoms disappears.

What are the main adhd symptoms in kids that you are likely to see?

For children who are suffering from this disorder you can easily tell through the manner in which adhd symptoms in kids are more visible than in adults. When you want to know whether the child is suffering from this disorder then you should check for the following symptoms.

The symptoms children will have when they are inattentive

  • When a kid is suffering from this problem then he or she will be easily distracted.
  • Another symptom of a kid with adhd is where you will find the kid having difficulty organizing tasks and activities in school as well at home.
  • The kid will not listen or pay attention while speaking to him or her.
  • When the kid is doing thing it will be hard for him to pay attention on task he is doing.
  • Children with this problem do not follow instructions.
  • Children do not complete homework as they lose focus easily.
  • It is also common to find kids with this problem losing item easily as they cannot remember where they kept it.
  • It also possible to find the child having memory problem.
  • The kid will not be interested in things that require a lot of thinking such as reading.

What are the symptoms of hyperactivity in kids?

When a child has a hyperactivity and impulsivity then you are likely to see such a child showing the following symptoms checklist.

  • A kid with this problem will find it difficult to stay in one position. He will be moving from one place to another after every now and then.
  • Kids with this problem will not allow people to have peaceful conservation without interruptions from the kid.
  • Kids with this problem will have excessive talking than ordinary children that they are age mates.
  • Restless and most of the time you will find them climbing on everything they see regardless the place they are familiar or not.
  • The kid will not be patient to wait for his/her turn to speak or act.
  • There are some times you will find the kid will not be interested to interact with other kids.
  • The kid will not concentrate of what he/she is doing but be carried away by nonissues things.
  • There is also a likelihood the child will not be mindful of danger of things that they do.

The symptoms mentioned above are seen in children who are mostly below 14 years as they start to mature and they are given proper treatment they will then start getting better. These symptoms may start to change until they are fully matured to be adults.

ADHD Symptoms in adults

When a child has fully matured and has been using proper treatment they will have more less symptoms as those in childhood. However, this doesn’t mean that they should stop using meds for adults as this can worsen the situation. Here are some of the main symptoms that you will see in adhd in adults.


  • You will find a person with this problem with a problem of being patient.
  • You will also realize people with this problem will not wait for their turn so to speak.
  • Another system is common is difficulty in dealing with stress which can lead to very serious condition.
  • It is also difficult for patient to focus on things.
  • You will find people with this condition regularly having mood swings.
  • Careless ness is another symptom that can show that a person may be suffering from ADHD.
  • Another adult test of ADHD is forgetfulness.

Treatment of ADHD

When you are suffering from this disorder then you must have treatment that will see that you are well. There are various methods which are used as treatment and they are as follow.

  • One way of dealing with this problem is through proven natural remedies. This is where you use diet and supplements that are useful in helping to make our brain to be better. Green tea for instance is a good natural medication while vitamins to improve memory are supplements that you can use for this treatment.
  • Medicines is also another way that you can deal with this problem. Meds for adults may be different from those of kids due to the nature of how they work. Some of the medication that you will use for this purpose include methylphenidate, dextroamphetamine, phenylpiracetam and focalin. These medication is very effective and you will use it even when you are having other forms of treatment.
  • Therapy is also a common treatment method you will find being used for this disorder. It is very effective when it comes to treating other conditions that comes with this disorder but is not directly related to it such as depression.

The most important thing is to make sure that you keep your brain in good health. Zinc is very important in development of brain and when you have this problem. This minerals are found in meals that we eat and you can avoid getting further problem by ensuring that you eat well.