Concerta vs Vyvanse: what is the main difference and which is stronger.

Brain health is one of the most important thing that everyone would wish to have. People who have issues with their brain can usually have a hard time trying to correct this situation. In fact majority of people who have a brain problem usually don’t realize it until it’s too late. There are different ways that you can tell when your brain have a problem and if you don’t realize that these are the symptoms of this problem then you may miss to get proper treatment. There are many ways that you can know when you have a brain related issue in your body and this include

Symptoms that shows that you need to have a vyvanse dosage

  • Memory loss – when you start seeing that you frequently experiences memory loss without any illness then this is an indication that chemicals in brain is not functioning as required.
  • Lack of attention- when you are not capable of being attentive in anything or anyone then this is an indication of a problem that require treatment of oxiracetam.
  • Lack of focus – this is where you find that you cannot focus on specific things that are important in your life. You start missing your goals since you are disrupted by nothing in particular.
  • Repeating the same thing or same words when speaking – this is where you find that you keep on repeating the same thing without knowing or speaking on the same thing.
  • You can also know that you need to have treatment with natural supplements such as green tea extract if you find that your mind is not sharp. If you start forgetting general knowledge and it takes time for you to remember simple thing then look for that supplement.

When you start seeing any of the above symptoms then you should realize that you require urgent treatment or otherwise this problem can lead to serious issues. You should visit your doctor who will decide which of the drug that you should take between concerta vs vyvanse.

Differences between concerta and vyvanse

When you are sick you can use more than one drug to treat brain related problem. These two drugs are used to treat such problem and fact you will hear a patient asking is it same to use any drug. Even though the drugs are used to treat similar condition they are not similar and have structural difference between them. Some of the main difference between these drugs include ingredients which are used to treat this problem. Concerta is manufactured using methylphenidate salt while vyvanse is made up of lisdexamfetamine salts. When it comes to concerta it’s available in both brand names as well as generic names. However on the other hand vyvanse is only available as a brand name and no generic product has been manufactured so far. Another difference that you will notice between these two drugs is where concerta is available in many forms such as pills, liquid, chewable tablet and extended release while vyvanse is only available in pill form.

What are the dosage requirements of these two drugs?

Dosing of the two drug is also different and for concerta the dosage which is available is 18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg and 54 mg. on the other hand vyvanse is available in three dosage of 30 mg, 50 mg and 70 mg. The difference is that once concerta is taken its start working immediately while vyvanse will first need to be metabolized so that it can be effective. Therefore this mean that is concerta is stronger than vyvanse.

Side effects that you should expect when using these drugs:

  • High blood pressure is a common side effect
  • Low appetite
  • Weight loss is common
  • Dry mouth problem
  • Headache

Similarities between concerta and vyvanse

  • Both drugs have a potential of being abused for other reason which are not considered as treatment
  • Both drugs should not be used by people who have a history of drug addiction
  • Both drugs are used to treat ADHD
  • Both drugs have similar side effects

You can also use NAC supplement, tumeric supplement as well as dopamine supplements. These drugs can be used together with supplements for fast recovery of these problem.