Dexedrine vs Adderall – what are similarities and differences.

There are various health issue that can affect the way you carry out your daily activities. If you have a problem then you may not achieve all your potential and this can lead to losses if in business, failure if in school and sometime death or permanent incapacitation due to injuries that you incur due to health problems. Brain is one of those organs which you cannot risk having a health problem as it is the main organ that control the rest of the body. However sometime it can get affected from various problem such as narcolepsy, ADHD to mention a few. ADHD is one of the main issue that affect many people especially kids. If they are not treated then you may go through the worst experience in life. It is characterized by the following symptoms.

ADHD symptoms that show you need a dosage of Dexedrine or adderall

  • One of the characteristic is hyperactivity where your kid will be excess active
  • Impulsive behavior where the kid does not listen
  • Sometime the kid may seclude him or her herself
  • Difficulty in speaking continuously.
  • Memory problem
  • Attention problem

There are many others symptoms that you are likely to see but in case you discover something not normal with your child then you should seek treatment of dexedrine vs adderall. These two drugs are used in treatment of this problem and other related problems of the brain. However the main problem is identifying the drug that you should use since both can be used.

Things to consider when determining Dexedrine or adderall which is better

When you need to know which drug you should buy there are specific things that you should know about each of these drugs. You have to know what is the difference between the two of these drugs? so that you can make an informed decision. You also have to try to figure out from an expert which is better between these two drugs. Some of these things may require that you speak to a doctor as well as research on your own to know other things such as side effects or whether can you mix these drug with natural supplements such as turmeric supplements and green tea extract without getting any health complications. Most of the supplements help the brain by increasing the nutrients that are used by the chemical that help to keep balance of neurotransmitter and its functions. Other supplements that you can find useful for your brain include:

What is the difference between adderall and Dexedrine?

There are several differences that you will see between these two drugs. First for dexedrine it is manufactured using only one salt which is dextroamphetamine while adderall is a combination of two salts which as dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. The other difference is that adderall is available in only pill form while its alternative is available in pill, extended release and liquid form.

Dosage difference between the two drugs

When it comes to dosage both drugs are started at low dose but for adderall is much lower with 2.5 mg then you go to 5 mg up to 60 mg which is the maximum for adults while for kids its 40 mg which is the maximum. For Dexedrine the starting dosage is 5 mg while the maximum you can go for is 60 mg for adults and 40 mg to the children.

What are the main side effects that you will get for using these drugs?

If you start taking these drugs then you will be prepared to cope with its side effects which are as follows.

  • Fast heartbeat rates
  • Insomnia is a common problem for users of this drugs
  • You can also feel stomach upset after taking these drugs
  • It is also common to have mood swings when using these drugs
  • Loss of appetite is also an expected effect when using this drug.

Those are some of the issue that you should know when you want to take these two drugs for treatment of ADHD. If you have this information then when choosing between Dexedrine or adderall which is better you will have your own answers.