Provigil vs Adderall – which is the best among the two and main differences.

When you want to deal with brain problem there is no doubt that this is a problem that can make someone to be desperate seeking for a way to deal with this problem. When this organ is not working then you can rest assured that you will suffer unless you get the necessary treatment to get rid of this problem. When you have such a problem you can opt to go for a pill that will help you get rid this issue once and for all. There are many brain power pill that you will find win the market which you can use for this treatment. These pills are available from different companies but you can find a company that manufacture different variety of these drugs. It is important that you should have comparison of these drugs which can help you to address this issue with you.

Therefore it’s important that you have a good research on the drugs that you can use before going ahead to use any of these drugs. For example you will find categories of brain enhancers which are offered only through prescription. This mean that you have to consult a doctor if you intend to is these drug. A good example is for you when you are considering provigil vs adderall can be quite a very hard choice for you to make unless you have medical skills background. Both drugs are used to treat brain related issue but have certain differences that make them to be used for different purpose in different situation. It is difficult to know which is the best between the two drugs. But you can be sure that these drugs are used to treat similar problems.

Differences between adderall and Provigil

When you want to take any of the two drugs then you will have to know what are some of the differences between these two drugs which are adderall and Provigil? The best way to start is knowing about each drug what it can cure and how it works in the body. Then you have also to know the side effect of each drug so that you can be able to know the difference between the two drugs. For instance when it comes to Provigil you have to know that it’s also referred to as modafinil where it is a stimulant drug which is used in treatment of alertness as well as helping to improve perception as well as increasing the brain capabilities of thinking. The drug works by helping to keep neurotransmitter active so that the brain can be alert all the time. for you to use this drug then there are several things that you have to let your doctor know so that he can decide whether you are fit to take this drug or just another alterative of this drug.

Adderall is another stimulant drug that work in almost the same manner like Provigil. This is a drug which is manufactured after combination of two other drugs amphetamine as well as dextroamphine to form this drug. It help to achieve hyperactivity in the brain by stimulating the brain chemical. It has been used for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy just like modifinil. As compared to Provigil this drug is very strong and should only be sold with a prescription to people who want to use it. This drug is susceptible to abuse and it is important that you know that abusing this drug can led to severe health complications that you may have to deal with.

Similarities of what to tell your doctor when you want pills to cure your brain issue.

  • It is important that you declare whether you have a heart related issue history in advance.
  • It is also advisable that you tell your doctor whether you have any allergic reaction that can lead to other health problem
  • It is important that you tell your doctor if you are under medication with another drug.
  • If you have any alcoholic problem or history then it’s important that you tell your doctor. A person with drug or alcohol addiction should not use this drug at all.
  • When using any of the above drug it’s important that you can tell your doctor whether you have any anxiety, or stress problem. This is important since this can increase these symptoms and therefore you are advisable to declare this early.

Comparison of side effects between the two drugs

It is important to note that almost all drug have side effects that you get for using these drug. These two drugs have side effects that you can experience for using the drug. Let’s try to compare which of the two have severe side effects than the other. It’s important that you know this so that you can decide which of the drug is the best for you. In this comparison you will have proper information that you can use when determining or choosing the medication that you want to have between these two drugs.

When it comes to Provigil its known to have mild side effect as compared to the other. This drug is recommended that people with heart related problem should not try to use this drug since it can increase the heart rate and therefore risking the health of such a patient. There is also a likely hood that when you are suffering from this condition you will have:

  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Back pain

Using this drug can also interfere with important enzymes in the body that are responsible of controlling the contraceptive hormones in the body for both male and female body.
On the other hand adderall its side effects seems not to be specific or general but people will always experience different effects. However here are some of the known side effects that you can expect when you are using this drug for treatment of brain related issues.

  • Headache is common for users of this drug
  • Loss of appetite is also another effect you can expect
  • There are people who will experience increase of blood pressure
  • In men it can lead to erectile dysfunction
  • It can also affect growth in children.
  • It can also lead to psychiatric effects where the patient will experience hallucination as well as becoming anxious.

Are there any alternatives of adderall and provigil

Therefore as it can be seen the side effects that you can experience while using adderall can be severe as compared that are seen in users of Provigil. In case you find that both of these drugs contain side effects that you can’t cope with then you should not be worried since there are other alternatives drug that you can use instead such as