Super brain yoga exercises: gym, books, reviews and research.

There is nothing which is as important like having a healthy body and a healthy mind. This is one of the most important thing that you should make this a priority if you want to be a successful in what you want. When you have an ailing body then this means that you will not be doing what you want and your focus will be to get well and therefore this will surely distract you from achieving your goals.

The main reason as to why a lot of people are going these problem is due to the fact that they are not interested with living a healthy lifestyle. This is a problem that many people are glaring but this is many avoid thinking of until they get themselves in big problem. When you want to live a good life there are several things that you must make sure that you meet. And they include:

  • Exercising – this is where you engage in physical activity that will help to strengthen your body and mind. There are body and brain exercises that you can engage so that you can be safe as well as strengthen your body.
  • Diet – this is the next thing that you should be cautious about where you will be required to eat well so that you can get the necessary nutrients in your body. When you don’t eat as required then you will not be healthy both in the mind as well as on your body. This is why for you to live a better life you must eat well.

Why are training exercises good for our health?

When you engage yourself in training exercises there are many benefits that you are going to enjoy in your body as well as in your mind. These benefits include

  • When you practice super brain yoga there is no doubt that you will enhance concentration and focus of your brain.
  • Another benefit that you get for doing this exercises is good sleep at night.
  • These exercise are very useful and they help to boost the immunity of the body.
  • Exercising also play a role in improving blood circulation in the body including the brain.
  • You will also benefit by increasing your strength and flexibility when you take part in exercises.
  • Right exercise can also play a part in helping you to relive stress that you may have.
  • You will be more capable of managing your emotions and be free of anxiety.
  • When you start brain yoga then you will start being mindful on things that you do as well as develop compassion.
  • Exercising is also important even for people who are obese as this can help in weight loss.
  • Exercises can also help to improve your relationship with other people including your spouse.
  • Brain exercises will help you to attain inner peace.
  • These exercise that you engage in will also play a role in improving your social life which include relationship with others.

Those are some of the benefits that you can enjoy through engaging yourself in important exercise. These exercise will not take much of your time and you will discover that it will help you to gain so much than you can imagine. When it comes to yoga this are some of the exercise that can help your body and mind. You are capable of attaining inner peace through engaging yourself in these exercise where you will be able to enjoy great benefits that these exercises offer.

So what is this called brain gym exercise

There are many people who have never heard or are wondering what this called brain gym exercises is. These are exercise which are conducted so that people can release stress and other emotional feelings that they might have. These are simple exercise where it involves simple but fun movement of various parts of the body but which eventually involve the brain. When doing these exercise you are not required to have a large exercise areas it can even be done while seated.

However you must know the right exercises that you should use for these purpose failure to which you will not get the value of these trainings. If you don’t know which exercise are good for you then you can go and seek a professional who can help you identify the right exercise that you should use. You can also use internet to learn on various techniques that you can use to improve your brain health through these exercise.

For instance you can find online yoga video classes where you can interact with trainers who are highly qualified in this field. You get a chance to enjoy company of other people online as you try to make your health better than the way it is. There is a perception that brain exercises only work for children who are younger and it can work for old people. This is not true and you should never deny yourself a chance to have these exercises and you will not regret at all.

What are some of the brain exercise that you should try?

There are different kinds of brain exercises that you can try at home or wherever you go for your exercise. These exercise will not only help to keep your mind in good shape but it will also be effective in your whole body. There are two types of exercise that you can engage in which include

Brain gym exercises which include the following

These are exercise that you do so that you can stimulate your brain after being busy for a while and you would like to refresh your mind so that you can properly focus on things that you are supposed to. These exercise include:

  • Hook ups where it’s mainly done in places where people have been engaged for long in learning situation. A good example of this is in schools, seminars, workshops to mention a few. So for you to help the participants concentrate and focus in what you are doing then you engage them in this exercise which involve the person crossing their left and right legs together while sited and then interlock their fingers of both right and left hand. They are then supposed to rotate their hands so that their locked fingers can point to their breast bone while their elbows bulging outwards. They are then to hold on this position while breathing inn deeply and slowly so that they can get enough oxygen to enter their body. This exercise will then help participant to relive stress that may have built during those classes and they are then ready to go on with what they were doing.
  • Another exercise is what is known as brain button which is accrued out after realizing participants you are dealing with have had a very rough time coping with an assignment you had given. For them to be relaxed and be capable of going ahead to continue with the engagement of what you want them to be you will have to make them press their forehead just above their eyes with their fingertips as they breath in slowly and deeply. You can count for them the number of times that you want them to repeat the breathing cycle.
  • Another exercise is what is called figure 8 which involve making participants to draw figure or number 8 in a piece of paper using their dominant hand. After they are through then you should make them repeat the same procedure using the other hand ad draw as many figures as possible and fast and this will engage their mind and relieve them from stress.
  • A popular exercise is cross crawl which not only is good for your brain but it can help to burn energy. This is where you are supposed to touch your right knee using your left elbow while the right hand moves at your back. Then you repeat the same with right hand touching the left knee and your left hand moves to your back. You are supposed to do these exercise for at least two minutes and then you will be done.

Super brain yoga exercises that are effective for your brain

The other types of the exercise that you are supposed to engage with is brain yoga. These are more complex exercise than gym exercises that you have seen above. You have to be careful when you want to engage in these exercise since they can only be effective only if you do them in the right manner. Some of these exercise that you can use include:

  • Plow pose- mainly used to improve blood circulation in the brain and in make nervous system work better.
  • Shoulder stand – this is used to help improve the functioning of thyroid glands in the brain.
  • Seated forward bend – a very good exercise that is used by improving the spine flexibility which in turn help to reduce stress and irritability.

Those are some of the exercise to engage in to improve your brain however it is important that you make sure that if you have a brain related problem you seek medicat attention.

Alternative way to treat brain without using brain exercises.

Treatment using of drugs can be done to achieve this which include drugs such as:

You can also use supplements while exercising to make the whole process even better and effective. Some of the best supplements for your brain functioning include valerian root, GABA, Zinc. These are herbal remedies for adhd that can go hand in hand with the exercise that you use. Therefore there is no need as to why you should suffer while you can keep your brain healthy using these exercises.

All you need to do is to make sure that you learn how to exercise and you will never regret to do so. Super brain yoga for instance will help to keep your brain in good shape as well as your physical fitness. Some of the classes for these activities are offered during convenient time so that even those with tight schedule can find time to attend. Therefore you should never have an excuse since you can also do it at the comfort of your house even if you can’t find time to go to gym.